Diabetes management

Diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, is manageable. You can enjoy life and get on top of your diabetes at the same time.

That is where we come in. Help can come from both hospital cover and extras cover.

What is an insulin pump?

Insulin pumps are devices that connect an external pump to a tube and fine needle or cannula that is inserted just below the skin. The pumps are programmed to inject fast-acting insulin into type 1 diabetics to mimic the function of a healthy pancreas.

Diabetes Australia advises that insulin pumps are not suited to everyone. Anyone considering an insulin pump will need to speak to their doctor about their diabetes treatment options.

Read more on insulin pumps

Diabetes program on RBHS Gold Hospital

This diabetes program is included free on our Gold Hospital cover.

The waiting period to receive this program is 2 months of continuous cover. Your premiums need to be up to date before you can claim this program.

Type 2 Diabetes Healthy Weight for Life program

Healthy Weight for Life has a range of programs for chronic conditions run by our trusted provider, Prima Health Solutions, including a program designed for type 2 diabetes.

Unmanaged type 2 diabetes can lead to serious medical complications, so it is worth using this program to manage your condition.

The Type 2 Diabetes Healthy Weight for Life Program is an 18-week program designed to maximise your overall health and quality of life. If you have trouble reaching your target blood glucose levels, getting enough exercise or cutting excess weight – this program could be for you.

The program follows the Australian Diabetes Society’s approach to managing weight loss for diabetics, so you can be comfortable knowing that the program meets best practice.


Participants on the program can:

  • receive support over the phone, SMS and online
  • reduce weight
  • improve nutrition
  • improve metabolism, energy levels and other health indicators
  • improve fitness
  • learn useful ways to keep on top of your condition
  • increase their motivation to take care of their health

The program offers:

  • portion control eating plan
  • meal replacement options
  • tips to improve your fitness and assist with weight loss
  • personalised tracking to help you succeed
  • support and advice via phone, email and an online portal
  • education on understanding your condition and how to enhance your quality of life

Healthy Weight for Life provides a specialised, multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, dietitians, occupational therapists, nurses and program navigators who all work together to ensure you are supported and feel confident as you progress through the 18 weeks of the program. The program takes a phased approach so that you can ease into it. Below we outline the program’s phases.

Phases of the program


Food Exercise

Get started with some meal replacement options such as KicStart Shakes and KicStart Soups for breakfast and lunch so that you can get on the right nutrition path without having to get handy in the kitchen for each meal. You can add some suggested sides such as berries and salads.

For dinner, you’ll need to head to the kitchen to prep some healthy, filling food from the meal plan – meat and three veg is an option, so most people should adapt nicely.

Build up to 30 minutes per day of gentle daily activity like walking, swimming or cycling by the end of this phase.
Food Exercise
Add planned lunch and snacks to your daily intake. Increase time to at least 30 minutes per day and intensity (if possible) to continue weight loss.
Food Exercise
All meals are planned. Supplement shakes and soups are no longer eaten.

Sustain exercise so that it can continue when the program finishes. Participants can use a steps tracker to keep on top of their 10,000 steps.


Want to join?

You can join the program if you have a:

  • diagnosis of type 2 diabetes
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 28


  • Your GP approves and completes an approval form

To get a GP approval form and check if you are covered, call us on 1800 027 299 or email info@myrbhs.com.au.


We won’t have any access to the personal health info you give to Prima Health Solutions. If you’d like to read our Privacy Policy to make sure, click here.

Need more information? Ask our health program experts.

You can also call us on 1800 027 299 or email info@myrbhs.com.au and we can help.


Diabetes help on Extras cover

There are many items that you might need to pay for on a regular basis if you have diabetes.

The benefit rates on RBHS Premium Extras

Diabetic consumables (such as glucose strips)


90% of the cost up to $500

$500 per person per calendar year

* Two-month waiting periods apply before joining this cover and claiming (unless you switch within 30 days from an extras cover with these benefits where no waiting period would apply).


Glucose monitor (from a category called Artificial Aids)^ Benefit Limit
1st year 90% of the cost up to $347 $1040 in any 3 rolling years
2nd year 90% of the cost up to $694
3rd year 90% of the cost up to $1040

^ Twelve-month waiting periods apply before joining this cover and claiming (unless you switch within 30 days from an extras cover with these benefits where no waiting period would apply).

Health Management Benefits**

Members with extras cover can claim benefits on weight loss membership fees through their Health Management Benefits part of their extras cover. You don’t need a diagnosed health condition other than unhealthy weight to claim (as assessed by Weight Watchers).


What is included Things you'll need

Weight loss (membership/meeting fees only):

  • Weight Watchers (including Weight Watchers Online) To find out if a program you are doing is eligible for benefits, call us on 1800 027 299.

  • Extras cover
  • To have served your 2-month waiting period
  • A receipt showing the name of the patient, details of the program, date of payment and payment amount.
Benefit Limit
90% up to the cot of $200 $200 per person per calendar year


Not sure if you have already reached your extras limits? Check them with Online Member Services or our handy app.

Visit our health management programs page to learn more.

**Two-month waiting periods apply before joining these covers and claiming (unless you switch within 30 days from an Extras cover with these benefits where no waiting period would apply).