Age-based discount

Are you under 30 and looking for top-quality health cover at an affordable price?

The RBHS is making hospital cover more affordable for young members with an age-based discount on our Gold Hospital cover. Join before you turn 26 to secure the maximum discount.

How does the discount work?

The discount ranges from 2% to 10%, depending on your age. The younger you are, the greater your discount.

Can I transfer from another fund and keep my age-based discount?

Yes, you can. You just need to transfer to us within 60 days of leaving your old health fund.

Once we get word from your previous fund, we’ll apply the same aged-based discount percentage you had with them.

What is my discount?

Age Discount on RBHS Gold Hospital Cover
18-25 10%
26 8%
27 6%
28 4%
29 2%
30 0%

How long do I keep my discount for?

You keep your full discount until you turn 41 if you hold continuous cover. At 41 your discount decreases by two percentage points every year until it reaches zero. 

How do you calculate my entry age for the discount?

Joined before 1 July 2019: If you joined RBHS Gold Hospital cover before 1 July 2019, your entry age is your age in years on 1 July 2019. For instance, if your 29th birthday was on 30 June 2019, your entry age is 29 with a 2% discount.

Join RBHS after 1 July 2019: Your entry age is your age in years on the day your cover starts.