Chemo at home

Did you know the RBHS’s hospital cover gives you access to chemotherapy treatment at home? It is a nice option to have for what is a pretty disruptive treatment.

Our trusted provider, View Health, provides a program called Chemo at Home. You can get the treatment you need (if it’s covered by Medicare) delivered in your home including:

  • chemotherapy
  • targeted cancer therapies
  • targeted therapies for inflammatory bowel disease

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells using drugs, often by intravenous drip (IV) into a vein.

Benefits of Chemo at Home

  • no need for you or your family to pay for expensive parking at hospitals
  • convenient service at reliable times for you
  • less disruption to your life
  • less chance of contracting common hospital infections


Chemo at Home is an Australian company founded by two health professionals, Julie Adams and Lorna Cook. Julie had the skills to treat her dad for cancer at his home during his emphysema before services at home were available. She later managed a chemotherapy service in the public sector for more than a decade. Lorna, a Registered Nurse with a decade of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry later joined Julie to create Chemo at Home.

Chemo at Home uses highly-skilled health professionals such as nurses and pharmacists and a 24-hour phone support to give you quality treatment at home.

All your treatment info is kept completely confidential by trusted provider View Health who run the Chemo at Home program. We will not have access to any personal health information you give them, but if you would like to read our Privacy Policy to make sure, click here.


Want to do Chemo at Home?

You can get started through your oncologist if they think it is a suitable option for you.

Have questions? Call us on 1800 027 299 or ask our experts.


*You need to have already served your 12-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions to use this program. This means that if you want to use it in the first 12 months of having or upgrading cover, we will need to check with your doctors to make sure it is not for a condition you already had. If it is not a pre-existing condition, only the 2-month waiting period applies.