Complete Cancer Support

Our health system is responsive when it comes to cancer treatment. Lacking however is support through the stages when you are living with cancer, recovering from treatment or waiting for treatment.

Few Australians get the care and support that they need. We are here to change that. 

Why does cancer support and rehabilitation matter?

Cancer comes with many ups and downs. It is time to manage them.

We all know that cancer's symptoms and the side effects of treatment can take a heavy toll on patients. But did you know that a number of cancer side effects can be reduced with a cancer rehab program?

That is right. Cancer rehabilitation can improve quality of life by reducing common symptoms like fatigue, pain, moodiness, anxiety, stress and depression. Yet many people with cancer do not access the care that would reduce their suffering.

So whether you are living with cancer, recovering from treatment or waiting for treatment, our program could be helpful for you.

The dangerous myth about cancer

Think that you should put up your feet and reserve your strength to fight cancer? Wrong.

“All people with cancer should avoid inactivity and return to normal daily activities as soon as possible following diagnosis (i.e. be as physically active as current abilities and conditions allow).”

That is the guidance from the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA). Exercise is part of cancer care from day one. It is important to be active and take a proactive approach to your health.

And while our Cancer Support Complete Program includes much more than personalised help from an exercise physiologist, COSA’s advice shows that taking care of yourself through exercise and more is clinically proven to help people with cancer.

Cancer support on RBHS hospital cover

This cancer support program is included free on our hospital cover.

The waiting period to receive this program is 2 months of continuous cover and your payments need to be up to date.



Complete Cancer Support Program

No matter what stage your cancer is at, this health program can step in to support your current needs and take steps to boost your health.

This is a health program to help manage your cancer symptoms and treatment side effects (although you don’t need to be receiving cancer treatment to qualify for the program) from home and does not substitute your hospital treatment.

If you are looking for alternatives to in-hospital cancer treatment, see our Chemo at Home page.

Our trusted provider offers cancer support services for RBHS members who:

  • have a cancer diagnosis; and
  • meet the provider’s clinical criteria for the program.

The program lasts for 3 to 4 months, based on your personal needs. The expert team meets with you via video call and phone support sessions, plus you’ll get access to helpful online education and training.


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Support services may include:
  • oncology nurse – to develop your care plan, education, ongoing monitoring and links to local support services
  • exercise physiologist – to get you moving and physically stronger, while improving your energy levels
  • oncology-focused dietitian – to advise you on overcoming problems like decreased appetite and nausea
  • psychologist – to give you expert help in cognitive coaching, education and support, plus practical tools to assist with managing symptoms and side effects
  • patient app – to connect you to your care team, health data & progress tracking and tailored educational resources
  • personalised care pack or group yoga to support your individual care plan


Celebrate your carers. And support them too.

The best successes in life are a team effort and we recognise that. The Cancer Support Complete Program allows your carers to join the program and get the support they need.

Cancer can come with many harmful feelings. Guilt about your support network is one of them. This program allows you to take care of your carers so that they feel as supported as you are by them.

Who will have access to your personal info?

All your treatment information is kept completely confidential by our provider, Valion Health, according to their own privacy policy that you can find at

We will not have access to any personal health information you give them. RBHS complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles. To read our full Privacy Policy, click here


Want to do The Cancer Support Complete Program?

Add your details to our Ask Our Experts form or call us on 1800 027 299 to receive a call from the program. They will assess your suitability for the program in an initial phone assessment.