Breast cancer screening

One of the less known impacts of COVID-19 is the dramatic reduction in breast cancer screenings. 

At one point, Victoria’s cancer screenings were down 30%, NSW’s breast cancer screenings were suspended as they were in South Australia and nationwide from July to August 2020, mammograms fell from 70,000 to 1,100. 

The data point to a worrying shortfall in breast screenings and a growing risk to women. 

Breast cancer screening centres are reopening shortly. Early detection could be vital.  

How does the BreastScreen programme work? 

BreastScreen operates a free programme located in your local state or territory that invites women aged between 50 and 74 by post for a mammogram. Each woman can get a free mammogram every two years. 

What if I’m outside the age range for the programme? 

Women 40 to 49 and 75 years and older can also access a free breast cancer screening by booking (see below). 

How to book your breast cancer screening 

Book your breast cancer screening via your local BreastScreen service. 

More health checks for women 

You may be aware of cervical cancer screening, bowel cancer and wonder if you are forgetting any more checks.

Thankfully, healthdirect has a list of common health checks for women.