Why us?


The Reserve Bank Health Society (the RBHS) is a not-for-profit health fund founded in 1959, offering top-level health cover and exceptional customer service. The RBHS is fully owned by its members and open to current and former employees of the Reserve Bank of Australia and Note Printing Australia and their families.

The not-for-profit advantage

RBHS is a not-for-profit health insurance fund committed to providing you with excellent benefits and exceptional service. The fund exists only to benefit members, and as such we aim to pay out as much of the premiums collected as possible, while remaining financially viable.

The RBHS focus

The RBHS has a strong customer focus and is committed to meeting the needs of members by providing:

  • exceptional health benefits: our Premium Extras cover pays some of the highest benefits in the industry
  • personalised high-priority service
  • a national network of service providers and hospitals
  • a strong not-for-profit focus.

All these things lead to us taking out top spot for member satisfaction year after year, according to Discovery Research’s survey of similar health funds.

RBHS Premium Extras cover pays some of the highest benefits - covering dental, optical, physiotherapy and a range of other general treatments.

Why choose RBHS?

The RBHS is simply an exceptional health fund that eligible members can take advantage of. The RBHS:

  • Is not-for-profit. We focus on providing the highest possible benefits.
  • Rewards loyalty. RBHS has higher extras limits for members for each year of continuous cover up to your fifth year.
  • Offers an age-based discount for under 30s.
  • Keeps your children on your cover for longer. Our Extended Family Cover option allows you to keep your children on your policy until they are 25.
  • Delivers exceptional customer service. RBHS has a 97.6% satisfaction rate amongst members in the Member Satisfaction Survey 2022 by Discovery Research.
  • Provides superb extras cover. Exceptional annual limits and a generous 90% back on most services.
  • Frees you of extra charges. Pay no excess when admitted to hospital.
  • Covers you nationwide of over 540 private hospitals and day surgeries and over 37,000 doctors.
  • Pays claims within two days.
  • Answers your call in person. Plus, you get straight through without having to deal with those irritating keypad menus.
  • Reduces your out-of-pocket doctor expenses with our Access Gap scheme.
  • Provides 24/7 service with Online Member Services.
  • The RBHS is part of Members Health Fund Alliance, the peak industry body for not-for-profit health funds sharing a common value of putting our members’ health before profit.