How to use RBHS Premium Extras psychology benefits

Our quick psychology guide shows you how to use Medicare benefits and psychology benefits available on our extras cover.

It all starts with your GP 

While you don’t need a referral to see a psychologist, you do need a referral from a GP if you want Medicare to help with the cost of your treatment. It is called a Mental Health Treatment Plan which allows you to get help from the government. 

How does a Mental Health Treatment Plan work? 

Your GP writes the plan for services that you can claim through Medicare from a psychologist, occupational therapist or social worker. Medicare provides benefits for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. 

Read all the details on the government’s website. 

For the subsequent psychology visits, you can then claim from RBHS Premium Extras (see How the benefit works for all the details). 

What is the difference between psychology and psychiatry? 

Psychology is a service that is claimable on RBHS Premium Extras (see How the benefit works for all the details) and psychiatry consultations are only claimable through Medicare. 

The main difference is that psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe medications. 

Besides that, both psychologists and psychiatrists use therapy to treat a whole range of conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and bipolar disorders. 

At times, it may be suitable to use a psychologist and a psychiatrist together as your medical team along with your doctor. 

RBHS psychology benefits 

This benefit is paid from the Psychology limit as in the table below. RBHS provides benefits for registered psychologists. Please also read the bullet points below the table for the T&Cs.

RBHS Premium Extras Benefit Limit
Psychology consultations 90% of the cost up to $170 $920 each calendar year

How the benefit works 

  • A 2-month waiting period applies for new members. For members who have transferred from another health fund, read the details on continuity of cover. 
  • Limits reset every calendar year. 
  • No benefits are available for psychiatry consultations. 
  • As with most extras services, providers commonly charge you an out-of-pocket cost (also called a gap) for their services. 

How to claim psychology 

Simply swipe your RBHS card to claim with your psychologist. 

Forgot your card? Collect the receipt and make a photo claim. 


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