Reserve Bank Health Society COVID-19 Update

  • RBHS is taking precautions and following ‘social distancing’ guidelines in response to COVID-19 and is operating at reduced service levels during this period.
  • Importantly, there are no changes to your health cover and how it works.
  • We encourage members to use our digital services like our website and our app.
  • Our reduced services mainly affect our call centre and email response times. If you need to make an extras claim (using your RBHS card or by submitting claim) or go to hospital, you can as normal. For more info, please email us at  

Where are our staff? 

We are following the government’s ‘social distancing’ guidelines right now, so a large number of our staff are working from home to make sure that if you need to use your health cover, you can. 


Which RBHS digital services can I use? 

Our self-service app and website are fully operational.  

  • Use our app to claim 

  • Log in using our website to make payments on your cover 

  • For enquiries, we prefer you use email, as our call centre is operating at reduced capacity 


Can I still go to hospital? 

Yes, hospitals use an online eligibility check system called ECLIPSE. This service is still working, so private hospitals can check if you have cover for any hospital treatment you need. 


How do I make an extras claim? 

Simply use your RBHS card when paying for your service. If you need to do a photo claim, use our app


How do I make a payment? 

Log in using our website to make payments on your cover. 


What is the best way to make an enquiry? 

  • We prefer you use email, as our call centre is operating at reduced capacity. Email: 


Am I covered for COVID-19? 

In short, your hospital cover will work as normal, because pandemics are not excluded in PHI (unlike some other insurances). Health insurance doesn’t have a specific claims category for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

If you do use your hospital cover, your doctor will decide your diagnosis and we’ll pay claims as normal for your level of cover.

Importantly, if your current cover has exclusions these will still apply if you’re hospitalised for COVID-19. 

Note: During the COVID-19 crisis, it’s likely that public and private hospitals will be seeing unprecedented demand and this may affect access for both public and private patients.