More about RBHS Extras Cover

The RBHS Extras (also called ancillary cover or general treatment) covers members against a wide range of dental, optical and other healthcare expenses. The RBHS’s benefits are mostly set at 90% of the fee charged (subject to maximum limits). This also covers purchase costs and repairs to items such as glasses.

Now is a good time to review your telehealth benefits. If you wish to visit an extras provider during the various state lockdowns, check with your provider. As a reminder, RBHS extras annual limits reset 1 January.

Advantages of extras cover

Get a rebate

Members can access a rebate (depending on your income) from the government to reduce the cost of extras and hospital cover premiums (whether taken alone or together). It is called the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance. View the income thresholds here.

More cover

RBHS Extras offers superb cover on a wide range of dental, optical and other healthcare expenses with the freedom to use your benefits where you want for all our services including:*

  • dental
  • optical
  • physiotherapy
  • chiropractic
  • osteopathy
  • acupuncture
  • remedial massage
  • hearing aids
  • laser eye surgery

Extras cover is popular because of core dental and optical benefits – which are relatively predictable and expensive necessities.

Extras cover differences to Hospital cover

  • Extras cover has no impact on whether you pay Medicare Levy Surcharge or Lifetime Health Cover loading (that is hospital cover). 
  • Extras benefits are usually subject to limits such as annual limits. Most services with RBHS have a calendar year limit. Benefits that can only be claimed once a year renew on 1 January each year.
  • Extras benefits are usually paid on a percentage of the total cost. The RBHS offers exceptional annual limits and a generous 90% back on most services
  • Unlike Hospital cover, you will not have to pay an excess to your health fund when you claim.

There are some government programs, generally means-tested (subject to income and/or social background criteria), that can help pay for some extras services. An example is the Child Dental Benefit Schedule. Another exception is treatment received under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. RBHS cannot provide benefits if you are receiving a benefit through one of these government programs/plans.

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