Combination Cover

Our Combination Cover includes both Gold Hospital and Extras Cover

All multiple year benefits (2 years and over) are calculated on a rolling year basis, from the date of service (instead of calendar year). Multiple year benefits (2 years and over) are divided over that period of time, with lifetime limits being paid over 5 years. For example: with a lifetime limit of $1,350, $270 is payable each year for 5 years. All rolling years incur a benefit limitation period.

  Gold Hospital Cover
Excess Nil
Public or Private Hospital
– shared or private room
Choice of doctor
Doctors bills (in hospital)
Medical Gap cover
Same day hospital accommodation
Intensive Care
Theatre fees
Drugs & Dressings
Recovery Room
Special nursing in hospital
Surgically implanted prostheses
Other Medicare Services (in hospital)
Cosmetic Surgery X
Services not covered by Medicare X
Co-payments Nursing home type patients only


Please keep in mind that waiting periods, including those for pre-existing conditions, may apply. 

Service Benefit Limit (per person)*
General Dental No annual limit
Major Dental  
- Surgery $6,500 in any 5 years
- Crown and Bridges $6,000 in any 5 years
- Dentures $2,500 in any 5 years
Endodontic $1,700 in any 2 years
Orthodontic $4,450 lifetime limit
- Glasses and Contact Lenses $920 in any 2 years
- Laser Eye Surgery $1,350 per eye in a lifetime
- Orthoptic Treatment $790 within 1 year
Non-PBS Pharmaceuticals $1,000 within 1 year
Physiotherapy $1,000 within 1 year
Chiropractic and Osteopathy $920 within 1 year
Podiatry $750 within 1 year
Psychologist $920 within 1 year
Acupuncture $850 within 1 year
Naturopathy and Remedial Massage $850 within 1 year
Hearing Aids $5,440 in any 5 years
Ambulance No annual limit

* Per-item limits and waiting periods, including those for pre-existing conditions, may apply. As at 1 April 2017.