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Application Form

Please note that waiting periods may apply (including those for pre-existing conditions) and some products have restrictions, excesses and limits. Please read our Brochure or Cover Description for full product information before joining.

Claim Form

Declaration of Condition Form

Direct Debit Request / Change Form

Medicare Claim Form

Medicare Two-Way Claim Form

Student Dependant Declaration

Rebate Application Form

Rebate Tier Change Form

Application to Suspend Membership



RBHS Brochure

Waiting Periods & Pre-Existing Ailment Information Booklet

Health options

Hospital Information - What should I do if I have to go to hospital?

Pregnancy Information - What do I do if I'm having a baby?

Pregnancy Information - IVF Fact Sheet

RBHS Mobile Claim App Instructions

Overseas Suspension Fact Sheet


Cover Descriptions

As at April 2017

Gold Hospital + Extras Cover (recommended)

Gold Hospital Cover

Extras Cover



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Member News - June 2017

Member News - March 2017

Member News - December 2016

Member News - July 2016

Member News - January 2016

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