About Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance can be confusing, so if you would like some help while you are reading this website, our fully qualified customer service specialists are just a phone call away. Just call our freecall number 1800 027 299, and we will help navigate you through the health insurance maze.

Health Insurance in Australia is divided into two main cost categories – health services which are covered by Medicare and those which are not.

Medicare covers a portion of the fees charged by doctors, general practitioners and specialists, whether for treatment at surgery, in hospitals or on house calls. Medicare also covers such items as anaesthesia, pathology and optometrists’ examination charges. Items covered by Medicare cannot be covered by private health funds, except when a patient is admitted to a hospital, in which case medical and hospital gap payments will also be covered by the RBHS.

Most other health care costs can be covered by private health insurance. There is a wide range of items covered, including hospital, dental, optical, pharmaceutical services and other general health care expenses.

The RBHS has two types of health insurance cover:

Members can choose to have Gold Hospital only or Extras only cover, but for complete coverage we recommend a combination of Gold Hospital and Premium Extras Cover.

Health insurance is a little different from other kinds of insurance. It is a protection against routine health costs but, more importantly, it covers members against the unpredictable and often large costs associated with hospitalisation, particularly if an extended hospital stay is necessary. RBHS membership can bring considerable peace of mind.